We are a trusted information and knowledge partner, offering a holistic suite of customised services, at the parliamentary, governmental (national, provincial and municipal), regulatory, parastatal and party political level. Our clients, irrespective of industry or size, have come to rely on us to provide these in order to:
– Remain ahead of curve.
– Have a trusted set of ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ on the inside track.
– Acquire deep insight into processes, procedures, protocols, developments and trends.
– Understand the impact of policy, legislative and regulatory reforms, budgets and tariffs.


We provide:expertise
1. Alignment of client strategies and public-policy goals
2. Real time, preemptive and proactive monitoring, evaluation and surveillance
3. Policy, legislative and regulatory research, analysis, audits and mapping
4. Political issues mapping, monitoring, reportage, analysis and correspondent services
5. Political, election and campaign risk monitoring, assessment, forecasts, research and analysis
6. Sectoral and country reports, fact sheets and potted profiles and bios


Our political risk service includes helping clients assess the risk of business-to-business and business-to-government corruption, identify corrupt practices and tendencies and offer advice on how to avoid these in accordance with prevailing anti-corruption laws.