SAFE ID is a South African technology company that specializes in bridging the communication gap between injured as well as distressed citizens and the provision of critical emergency healthcare. Thereby recognising the value and need for facilitating the interface between citizens and healthcare services at critical times, which necessitate emergency medical interventions.

The company’s product offerings act as a conduit for health informatics and access to critical medical intelligence in emergency situations, which is readily available, globally, 24/7. SAFE ID offers a safe, reliable, robust, quick, easy and cost-effective solution to bridge the communication gap between injured as well as distressed citizens and the delivery of healthcare.

Currently, in South Africa this type of medical information is not readily available at point of care or within the health system. Many developing and developed nations alike grapple with the availability of accurate health statistics, which has an impact on the provision of healthcare as well as socio-economic growth.

Our partnership
ETHICORE Political Consulting has been appointed by SAFE ID as its government, communications and public affairs advisors. In particular, we are focused and engaged to provide strategic support to SAFE ID in respect of advancing their aims and objectives to:

  • Advocate and lobby for mandatory provisioning of emergency information tools and devices
  • Be an implementation partner to Government, the public and private sector in respect of advancing eHealth technology
  • Contribute to better decision making through providing constructive thought leadership that shapes, influences and informs public policy, legislative and regulatory actions, as well as public discourse


Media Releases

18 June 2014: SA Tech start-up to advance eHealth innovation & patient care

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