Wisahl Jappie

Political and Communications Advisor

Tel: +27 (0) 21 424 3125 | Email: wjappie@ethicore.co.za

Expertise and Credentials
Wisahl is a specialist in political and strategic communications, owing to her unique background and training. She is proficient in undertaking high-level public policy, legislative and political analysis, as well as crafting and executing effective political communication and engagement strategies.

Education and Qualifications
She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a triple major in Media and Writing, English and Political Science, as well as an Honours and Master of Arts in Political Communication, obtained from the University of Cape Town. Her Masters dissertation was a media research study on South Africa’s president titled “The celebrity politician (Jacob Zuma) in the South African political context”. She has a strong grounding in all aspects of public opinion analysis, public rhetoric, public argumentation and political behavioural research.

Previous Experience
Since 2007 Wisahl has held various research, analyst and content production positions at Cape Town’s Daily Voice Newspaper and Cape Town based production companies, ‘Something Kinda Funky’ and ‘Mobile Media Mob’. In addition to running her own start-up business. Wisahl has cultivated her creative ability and communications skills in a range of genres through which selected works have been published.

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