Abdul Waheed Patel (Managing Director)

Wisahl Jappie (Political and Communications Advisor)

Our team of experts and our network of partners, affiliates, associates and strategic alliances are skilled, qualified and experienced practitioners and specialists dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, quality and ethical conduct in their fields. Our expert practitioners, associates and partners organisaton have worked as:

  • Advocacy officers, lobbyists and stakeholder management/engagements specialists
  • Political advisors, staffers, campaign managers and strategists
  • Governmental and parliamentary policy makers, liaison officers and researchers and communicators
  • Political, economic, trade and investment analysts, advisors and facilitatiors

In the media
Our practitioners regularly are called on to contribute to political, governmental, policy, legislative, socio-economic and international affairs commentary, analysis and public opinion as resident analysts for local, national and international various electronic, print and community-based media institutions.

We are an institutional home for nurturing and cultivating the talents of future and experienced public policy, public affairs, advocacy and lobbying practitioners and political consultants, analysts and staffers. We offer trainee and internship programs for young graduates.

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