Our Leadership

Our team is comprised of distinguished and experienced political experts, who advise clients at a senior decision-making level and who interface with public policy, legislative, regulatory and political processes and institutions at the highest level.

Our experts offer unrivaled and unique insights and understanding of industry specific public policy, legislative, regulatory, institutional and political processes. We are uniquely placed to guide our clients to navigate policy and political complexities, rules, customs and protocols.

Our practitioners have previously held strategic positions as political office bearers, senior government officials, policy makers, parliamentarians, regulators, diplomats, political staffers, political researchers and analysts, senior advisors, advocacy specialists and journalists.

Our leadership team has pioneered the professionalisation of expert government affairs consulting and advisory services in Africa’s unique political, socio-economic and geo-political context.

Individually they have a track-record of distinction in government, politics and media. Collectively they have resulted in ETHICORE advising bespoke global and African clients on some of the most complex and sensitive public policy, legislative, regulatory and political issues and processes, with proven results.

They are renown and recognised for their unquestionable ethical conduct.

In the media

Members of our team are regularly featured to provide informed political media analysis and commentary for prominent local, national and international electronic, print and community-based media institution