Decisions taken today, determine the future. In a time of global geo-political shifts, the significant scope impact and reach of governmental, parliamentary and political decision-making needs to be timeoulsy anticipated and deeply understood by those seeking to responsibly influence and inform these. Effective parliamentary, governmental and political capacity, know-how and expertise comprises a vital part of the tool-kit that help organisations navigate, comply with and participate in the complex web of markets, laws, regulations, public policies and the institutions overseeing these in the political-economy of nations.

Similarly, it is as important to be well governed and regulated, just as it is to not be unnecessarily over-regulated. Striking the balance whilst ensuring the overall well-being of society requires both governmental, regulatory and political decision-makers and those affected by new legislative, regulatory, policy, governmental, parliamentary and political reforms to fully understand the impacts and consequences of such reforms and to be able to effectively reciprocate with each other in its creation. This is an essential ingredient for participatory good governance, decision-making and constructive influence to ensure that various, often competing interests and priorities affected by such reforms are addressed in a balanced and mutually inclusive manner. Such participation is also a key requirement for ensuring the legitimacy, robustness and thoroughness, transparency and participatory nature of governmental, legislative, regulatory and policy processes and decision-making itself.

Our philosophy is driven by central emphasis on delivering on client objectives and ensuring client value add, through:
• Cultivating and maintaining enduring client relationships.
• Providing customised and tailor-made services and solutions.
• Calibrating and enhancing our clients’ strategies and approaches.
• Deeply understand our client’s objectives, business and industry.
• Subscribing to and upholding uncompromising ethics and conduct.
• An evidence based through rigorous research and facts.
• Future proof intervention in line with latest industry developments.

Strategic Intent

“To maintain a leading market position as a pioneer and thought leader in our industry, renown for our expertise and know-how, and sought after as a partner, service and solutions provider of choice.”

“To deliver ethically focused, high-quality, innovative and game-changing services and solutions that create value for clients and society.”


We are trustworthy and reliable:
We do what we say | We are risk aware | We treat our clients business as our own | We do what is right by our stakeholders

We keep raising the bar:
We anticipate needs | We question the status quo | We generate innovative solutions | We set higher standards | We learn from our experiences and search for better ways

We succeed together:
We respect and value each other | We resolve differences openly and quickly | We compete as a team | We recognize and celebrate our success

We consistently deliver:
We are passionate about what we do | We take the initiative | We focus on results | We never give up | We engage the best experts

Professional Ethics, Standards, Transparency and Accountability
We take ethics serious, evidence by our decision to voluntarily develop and subscribe to a comprehensive and internationally benchmarked “Code of Ethics and Standards for Professional Conduct”, even though this is not a mandatory requirement in South Africa.