We are strategically positioned in high quality offices, on the doorsteps of Parliament and other key influencers in the political and legislative capitals of markets we operate in. We combine critical local knowledge with global perspective and reach through our extensive network of global associate offices and collaboration partners.

In South Africa, our headquarters in Cape Town’s landmark Mandela Rhodes Building is a stones-throw from the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa. This geo-strategic positioning makes us easily accessible to Members of Parliament, parliamentary staffers, political parties represented in Parliament, Governmental and Ministerial offices and key extra-parliamentary stakeholders.

Headquartered in Cape Town – South Africa’s legislative capital, we work nationally and internationally at the public-private interface, to provide clients with the expertise they need to analyse, engage and influence their public stakeholders in effective and compelling ways to articulate their public policy goals, identify stakeholders essential to achieving these goals and generate the strategies needed to successfully communicate these goals to critical stakeholder audiences with the necessary degree of ethical influence.

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