SA Tech start-up to advance eHealth innovation & patient care

SAFE-ID-LogoCAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: In the 17 June 2014 State of the Nation Address, President Jacob Zuma recognised the need to contribute to the reduction in mortality rates via the improvement of the quality of care in the public sector.

ETHICORE Political Consulting is therefore proud to announce the acquisition of SAFE ID as a new client to its portfolio in South Africa.

ETHICORE is a market leading strategic political affairs consultancy specialising in political lobbying, intelligence and communication.

SAFE ID ( is a niche and emerging South African technology innovation company that specialises in bridging the communication and information gap between injured as well as distressed citizens and the provision of critical healthcare.

SAFE ID aims to advance eHealth systems, improve and promote the accessibility of health information and services in South Africa. Its partnership with ETHICORE promises to be a fruitful realisation of its innovative mandate to develop health intelligence.

SAFE ID specialises in the provision of user centered informational tools that store and disseminate citizen health information, which is accessible timeously by first respondents during critical emergency situations.

According to SAFE ID Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zubayr Harneker: “We have an ambitious vision to be at the forefront of technological innovation for provision of time critical medical information that advances healthcare, wellbeing and safety in South Africa. We appreciate and recognise the need to work with Government to achieve public policy, legislative and regulatory outcomes that strengthens the contribution of citizen health information in advancing this cause. We have elected to work with ETHICORE because of their professional ethics, unrivalled expertise and experience.”

Improving the quality of care in the public sector necessitates the availability of appropriate and accurate health statistics, medical information and patient identification and treatment.

According to Mr. Abdul Waheed Patel, Managing Director of ETHICORE Political Consulting: “We are excited to be partnering with SAFE ID to inform Government thinking on leveraging life saving citizen emergency and health information. The timing hereof is both highly relevant and opportune as Government advances its plans for overhauling healthcare, improving safety, leveraging information and communication technology, and developing new (especially small and medium sized) innovative industries.”

SAFE ID ticks all of these boxes and is therefore uniquely placed in its niche to become a market leading company with a strong public purpose and impact.

SAFE ID hopes to work with Government to implement and develop the country’s eHealth Strategy in tandem with the objective of prioritizing healthcare.

Media Enquiries:FacebookCover_SAFE-ID v7
Ms Wisahl Jappie – Associate Director
Tel: +27 (0) 21 424 1443 / 3125
Mobile: +27 (0) 72 227 1144

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