Special Economic Zones Bill: Parliament calls for submissions

Coega Industrial Development Zone & port

Coega Industrial Development Zone & port

The National Assembly Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry has called on interested and affected parties to have their say on the Special Economic Zones Bill (B3-2013). The Committee is asking for submissions on the Bill after which parties will be invited to make oral submission during public hearings on the Bill. Unlike with other bills, Parliament has based on the viability of associated costs not advertised the call for public comments in the mainstream media.

The Bill provides for the designation, promotion, development, operation and management of Special Economic Zones. It further provides for the establishment, appointment of members and functioning of the Special Economic Zones Advisory Board.

The Bill also envisages to empower the Minister to establish the Special Economic Zones Fund, to regulate the application, issuing, suspension, withdrawal and transfer of Special Economic Zones operator permits, to provide for functions of the Special Economic Zones operator and to provide for transitional arrangements and to provide for matters connected therewith.

The Committee has invited interested individuals and groups wishing to comment to forward written submissions to the Committee by no later than Friday, 3 May 2013. Public hearings have been scheduled for 15 and 17 May 2013.

Interested and affected parties who wish to make submissions on the Bill and/or engage with and stay abreast of the parliamentary process and proceedings, can get into contact with us for assistance and facilitation on: intouch@ethicore.co.za

A full copy of the Bill and an overview is attached on the link below for convenience.

b 3 – 2013 (special economic zones)

Overview of the Special Economic Zones Bill_29April2013