Professional political lobbying, intelligence & communication.

ETHICORE is an independent and niche political consultancy, providing professional political lobbying, intelligence and communications services.

Our expertise and experience combines deep strategic insights, knowledge of key processes and institutional issues, with networks of relevance to key stakeholders and roleplayers.

We assists clients to navigate, understand, engage with, influence and contribute to shaping Governmental, Parliamentary, public policy, legislative, regulatory, development and stakeholder agendas at all levels of impact – national, provincial, municipal, regional, multilateral and grassroots.

We are a market-leading agency of choice, operating across key markets and jurisdictions on the African continent as well as global political and economic capitals.

We service clients of all sizes across a growing and diverse range of sectors:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Investment and private equity
  • Energy, renewables, oil, gas and biofuels
  • Mining, minerals and extractive industries
  • Manufacturing, beneficiation and industrial processing
  • Healthcare and wellness
  • Technology, innovation and telecommunications
  • Security
  • Infrastructure and engineering
  • Transport and logistics
  • Trade associations and chambers of commerce
  • Multilateral agencies
  • Foreign governments
  • Non-profit grassroots and community organisations
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